The Great Hills Debate: Plastic Surgery Revenge?

The Great Hills Debate: Plastic Surgery Revenge?


LOS ANGELES, Calif. (September 27, 2007) – Revenge might be a dish best served cold, but the feud between The Hills stars Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad continues to remain red hot.

When Access Hollywood caught up with the former friends-turned-foes at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Party on Wednesday night, Heidi defended her recent plastic surgery while Lauren questioned her old pal's motives.

"I'm not ashamed of what I do in my life," the post-makeover Montag told Access.

While the headline on the cover of the new Us Weekly screams "Plastic Surgery Revenge," Heidi told Access that a troubled body image led to her decision to undergo breast augmentation and a nose job.

Tango's Take
It's okay. We re-read the opening sentence to the Access article about five times too. You just don't see people write lines like that any more. It's an art, really. Anyway, check out our Dish from August 10th on cosmetic surgery. It has long been our policy that revenge is not a good enough rationale to have plastic surgery. Revenge is a good reason to get in shape or start a successful business. Or sleep with their dad. Wait, the last one is probably a bad idea, especially for sisters.

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