Religious Group Urges Overturn Of Ban On Same Sex Marriage

From Signs On San Diego By Sandi Dolbee SAN DIEGO – More than two dozen San Diego clergy members have joined hundreds of colleagues around the state in support of one the most divisive issues in society today: same-sex marriage. The local clergy, ranging from Rabbi Laurie Coskey of the Union for Reform Judaism to the Rev. Scott Richardson of St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral, signed a brief asking the state Supreme Court to overturn California's ban on homosexual marriages. Tango’s Take OKAY, stop us if you’ve heard this one, “a Reverend, a Rabbi and a gay couple walk into a bar…” Do people from California realize that the rest of the lower 47 states think of it as another country? Anyway, they exist in a weird universe in which an incredibly liberal state has a long history of strong Republican governors (and governators). We’re surprised that it took this long for cross-religious clergymen to collaborate on something like this. We mean the Bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality, except in a few parts. But it also condemns wearing clothes made from different material. And also masturbating. So, a lot of people just stick to the big themes: not murdering each other and being generally nice to one another. Good times. In other religious news, the Catholic church just approved Plan B for rape victims. Good work fellas, welcome to the 21st Century please exchange your pagers for iPhones. Read More Of The Original Article...