New Techniques Extend Women’s Fertility

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BY Caroline Jones

Thirty-something women are often haunted by the baby dilemma - have a child now or wait and risk leaving it too late to ever start a family?

But a new scientific breakthrough, which allows women to prolong fertility, means some can have babies much later in life.

Freezing embryos has been possible for years but now eggs can be frozen and used for IVF later. A woman of 40 is more likely to get pregnant using eggs frozen in her early 30s than with her 40-year-old eggs.

Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director of Midland Fertility Services which offers egg freezing, says: "Now women can preserve their fertility as men have for decades with sperm freezing."

Tango’s Take
We ran a Dish a while back about a couple that had some legal hubbub about the rights to use their jointly created embryos (check out that Dish here). It’s a tricky subject. Most people would think that it’s open and closed. She gets to do it. But it would be his little shaver also. And people would lose their minds if he wanted to implant the embryo in a new woman. For what it’s worth, saving eggs is a much better idea. They are exclusively the woman’s property and can be used as she sees fit. We’re a little confused though, we thought that humans were viviparous and didn’t lay eggs. Hmm.

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