New Research Suggests that Certain Types of Cancer are Linked to Divorce.

By Michael Kahn

BARCELONA (Reuters) - The risk of divorce increases if one partner suffers from testicular or cervical cancer, but other types have no effect on whether a couple stays together, Norwegian researchers said on Thursday.

With most forms of cancer, the healthy spouse was likely to support his or her partner through the illness, according to the study presented at the European Cancer Conference in Barcelona.

The research compared divorce rates of 215,000 cancer survivors with those among couples free of cancer over a 17-year period.

However, testicular and cervical cancer seemed to lead to a higher chance of marriages breaking up, the study found.

Tango’s Take
We can see this. People are a little freaked out about cancer. “Is it catchy? Will my junk get cancer if we have sex after his testicle surgery? Will I hurt them? Are they up for it? Am I really up for dealing with the chance that this cancer could come back? Am I going to be looking over my shoulder for this metastasizing bastard to catch us like I was in witness protection?” Lots of questions. We suppose the best thing to do is be up front with your partner and ask the doctor lots of questions. They can handle it, they're professionals.

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