Couple Begin Engagement by Getting Robbed in Central Park

From The Associated Press

(AP) - It won't be for richer, but for poorer for a Cincinnati musician who proposed to his girlfriend just seconds before they were held up in New York's Central Park.

Thirty-year-old Luke Jacunski got on one knee and popped the question to Mami Nagase (nuh-GAH'-see) in a romantic spot Saturday night. They say right after she said yes, a gunman jumped from the bushes and yelled, "Give me your money and get on the ground!"

As the two got down, Jacunski says he was able to slip the engagement ring off Nagase's finger and hide it in his pocket.

The robber did get a Rolex watch and $125 in cash.

Tango’s Take
Note to self: do not propose in a dimly lit dangerous area. Also, this was a perfect opportunity to commit insurance fraud. Who’s to say that the stick-up man didn’t also take the ring with the Rolex and cash? And what about that original de la Renta wedding gown in her backpack? Any way, this whole thing could have been avoided or at least properly documented if he would have hired a photographer to shoot the proposal. The bandit may have been a little shy about his perfidy had there been another dude around. Or they could have gotten his picture. Check out the Dish on the new trendency to document online (and otherwise) the marriage procedure from stem to stern. And if you’re feeling froggy, check out the Dish on insuring engagement rings. And please note that Tango does not condone insurance fraud. Rule 1: honesty is typically the best policy.

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