Singles Use Gadget to Evaluate Compatibility in Latest Online Dating Option

By Niambi Wilder

Who hasn't been the victim of a really bad blind date or the participant in a truly torturous speed dating event? Ever feel like there was something missing — a more relaxed environment, perhaps, or maybe more personal information before the date?

Well, one man has decided to fill that void by creating a singles dating company with a touch of psychology, a tinge of technology and a whole lot of fun.

"I'm a commercial real estate underwriter, which is the most fun job in the world [but] … I'm in a room with no windows, so I created OneKeyAway so I could meet other professionals," says its founder, Edwin Duterte, a 37-year-old banker by day, matchmaker by night.

Tango’s Take
How about this? How about taking someone on a date and getting to know them? Sure it’s like a job interview, but at most job interviews you don’t have a decent chance of having sex if you make it to the third round. We think that people avoid uncomfortable situations too much. We don’t mean to sound like Donny Deutsch (hey Donny Deutsch, what’s the big idea?) but sometimes you just have to take the bull by the horns. If dating is too much of a pain in the ass, good luck with kids. For what it’s worth, we’re all for innovations in dating. It is a little tough to meet people. Not everyone gets to marry their high school sweetheart and not everyone is as good-looking as the Rock or as charming as Sharon Osbourne. We’re just glad that the commercial real estate scene was soft enough to give Edwin Duterte the time he needed to perfect OneKeyAway. We’re glad that the crux of this product is getting people together at events. People meeting people.

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