Gisele And Tom Brady Not The American Beckhams, According To Gisele

Gisele And Tom Brady Not The American Beckhams, According To Gisele


Gisele Bundchen is a self-proclaimed loudmouth. She admits it. “When I think things I tend to say them. I’m an opinionated person.” But she may have gone too far in her latest tongue-lashing of Victoria Beckham.

The Brazilian beauty is currently dating New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and says she’s sick of the comparisons to David and Victoria Beckham. In a recent interview she explained why she and her man are not the “US version of Posh and Becks”.

Tango’s Take Well then. Evidently Radar magazine had it right, the Beckhams are played out. Is anyone really in a position to argue with the world’s highest paid model (the last time Forbes checked)? And who wins in a fight between the handsomest football player and the handsomest footballer? Tom Brady, hands down. He may not be as sexy or savvy as Beckham, but he’s got grit, moxie, hustle, bustle, heart and character, as far as we know. Good work, Gisele. Maybe as a Brazilian, she scoffed at being likened to the “US version of Posh”. The Brady Bunch is not to be confused with Beckingham Palace.

Speaking of the Brady Bunch, the first pictures of Tom Brady’s ex-girlf, Bridget Moynahan, and their newborn son were just released. OK! Magazine must have a monopoly on the scoop-y first shots. Anyway, the boy’s name is John Edward Thomas Moynahan. His initials spell out JETM. While that may not be an actual word, JET is. And it is also the name of Tom Brady’s team’s (The New England Patriots) biggest rival, the New York Jets. The only thing she could have done to top of that would have been to name the kid Peyton, after Brady’s arch-nemesis and ubiquitous television personality, Peyton Manning. Good times.

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