Kate Moss Announces Her Engagement!

Kate Moss Announces Her Engagement!

From The Cleveland Leader

It wasn't that long ago that supermodel Kate Moss kicked her drug-loving boyfriend Pete Doherty to the curb, and already she's got a new man and has moved on. In fact, she's so over Doherty that she announced her engagement to new beau Jamie Hince this past weekend.

Sources close to Kate said that the engagement isn't formal, and rather, is just Kate's way of showing her love for Jamie, 39, and letting everyone know she's serious.

Tango’s Take Now we’re talking. This is some good, impulsive celebrity news. We haven’t had anything this good since Britney married that dude in Las Vegas. Kate’s buddies suggest that this ‘engagement’ is just a way of letting everyone (ahem, Pete Doherty) know how serious she is about Jamie Hince. Essentially, she’s wearing his letter jacket now and doesn’t care who knows it (but actually wants everyone to know it). We expect a quote from Kate like; “You guys wouldn’t understand. You’re all old. You don’t know how we feel about each other because no one has ever felt this way before. Yippeeee!” And Jamie is like, “Easy there, Duchess. We haven’t been dating long. Let’s think this thing through. Maybe we should sleep on it. Or at all.’

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