Acupuncture ‘Provides Twice the Pain Relief of Standard Medicine’

From The Daily Mail
By Simon Cable

Acupuncture is twice as effective at reducing lower back pain than conventional medicines, according to researchers.

But pretend acupuncture, where the needles are inserted less deeply, has also been found to have a similar effect, suggesting that the pain relief could be psychological.

Back pain afflicts between 70 and 85 per cent of the adult population at some point in their lives and accounts for the loss of almost five million working days each year in the UK.

Tango’s Take
We’re not sure why this seemed like a good idea for the Dish, but it seems like lots of our readers probably have a little bit of back pain from time to time. Also, we had a Dish a from May 10th about using acupuncture to ease pain during pregnancy. To be perfectly honest (starting… now), we’re pretty psyched about this development. We know that ‘modern medicine’ has its time and place but so does ancient medicine. So in your face, ‘science.’ Now if we can just get people to be a little less shy of acupuncture. The word ‘puncture’ is a bit of a turnoff. Maybe ‘needle-driven pain reduction’. No, that blows. Acupuncture, as an industry, needs an ad wizard to find a better name. Their slogan can be 'Get needled by someone other than your spouse.' That blows also.

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