Honor Killings Are Still Popular In Syria


From The New York Times
By Katherine Zoepf

Fawaz later recalled that his wife, Zahra, was sleeping soundly on her side and curled slightly against the pillow when he rose at dawn and readied himself for work at his construction job on the outskirts of Damascus. It was a rainy Sunday morning in January and very cold; as he left, Fawaz turned back one last time to tuck the blanket more snugly around his 16-year-old wife. Zahra slept on without stirring, and her husband locked the door of their tiny apartment carefully behind him.

Tango’s Take

Time for a serious downer. Evidently, there are parts of the world in which celibacy is still enforced with a knife. And there are parts of the world that a woman needs five male witnesses to prove that she was raped, Otherwise she is guilty of fornication and thus eligible for an honor killing. And there are some in America that force youngish girls into marriages with much older men and expect them to perform ‘marriage acts’. And this is done under the guise of religion and tradition. We’re not really sure what the point of writing this is, but we highly recommend that you read the linked article. Some people in the Middle East (and surrounding areas) wonder why we look down on them. It’s because of stories like this. On the other hand, at least Iran doesn’t have any homosexuals. It must be a brutal place with really lousy window treatments. Read the article from the Times.

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