Man Proposes Via Crossword Puzzle

From The Associated Press

BOSTON - It was the crossword puzzle fan's version of getting his marriage proposal plastered on a stadium Jumbotron.

Aric Egmont and Jennie Bass were working on a puzzle titled "Popping the question" in the latest issue of The Boston Globe Sunday magazine. Bass spotted her sister's name and her best friend's name, but initially thought it was just a coincidence.

Then they got to 111 across: "Generic proposal" (Jen + Aric generic). The answer: "Will you marry me?"

"We get to the `Will you marry me?' clue, and I said, `Will you marry me, Jenny?' I got up, got the ring, and got down on one knee and she screamed, and hugged me. It took her a minute to say yes," Egmont told the Globe.

Tango’s Take
That clever, clever Associated Press. They beat us to the punch(line) on the whole jumbotron scene. Well done anonymous AP writer, well done. At any rate, it’s adorable that these literati were able to hook up. Imagine if Jen or Aric had met someone who only reads US Weekly. Would they have put together a collage of crazy pictures of Britney that spells out ‘Wil u mary me, ya’ll?’? Because of how clever (and targeted it is) we think that the crossword proposal ranks as slightly classier than the jumbotron but not as uptown as the singing telegram and light years better than a sky-writer.

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