Aussie Survey Says: Sex is Better with a Brazilian


From The Courier Mail

STRIPPING off all your pubic hair improves your sex life, according to a small sample of Australian women who have embraced the Brazilian phenomenon. Preliminary results from a quirky online survey by cosmetic specialists have shed the first light on the reasons many Australian women opt to permanently remove all their genital hair. More than 80 per cent said they underwent the so-called permanent Brazilian, where hair is lasered off, for aesthetic reasons, and about 60 per cent said hygiene was a motivator.

Tango’s Take If there’s one thing that we love it’s research that’s largely unsubstantiated. It’s a little like spitting game at someone in a bar and having, ‘everyone I’ve sexed up in the past has thought that it was a fantastic time.’ We’re belaboring the wrong point. Laser is a serious decision. If a sheila (this is an Australian survey) has her mustache removed via laser, she probably won’t regret it. If a dude has his ass hair moved, it’s not a bad decision. But having pubic hair completely (and irreversibly) removed may not be a great idea. It’s really the lower back tattoo of grooming. What happens if 70’s porn bush comes back in? And don’t think it won’t happen, we’ve seen high-waisted jeans on a bunch of women lately. We have no problem with Brazilian waxing. It’s somewhat hygienic and is considered (in some circles) a courtesy to sex partners. Read More Of The Original Article…

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