Survey Finds Women Own More Game Consoles Than Men

From Online Media Daily
By Douglas Quenqua

ARE MALE VIDEO GAME ENTHUSIASTS actually outnumbered by their female counterparts in the U.S.? Do most of the Xboxes, Wii's and PlayStations in this country actually belong to women? Conventional wisdom would say no--but a new survey from JWT suggests otherwise.

Of the more than 1,000 respondents to the Denizens of Digitivity survey, released last week, 44% of women said they own a gaming console such as a Wii, Xbox or PlayStation, compared with just 39% of men. The survey was conducted online from Sept. 7-11.

Tango’s Take
We were cruising (as we do any time we want to laugh at jokes like ‘Snap Judgment: Brad Pitt Is Nice To Look At’) and came across this article. This is pretty amazing. And they’re not talking about computer games like the wedding planning one from the Dish on September 21st. And they’re not talking about SecondLife (hey ya’ll, I gave myself cornrows, ya’ll). They’re talking about hardcore video game systems. We assumed that we would have to wait for She-Ra to have a game before there was much of a dent made in the female video game market. But DDR (that’s Dance Dance Revolution, to you non-dorks) is an incredibly social game. And you don’t have to know the mythology of Mordor to be successful in some of these games. And the Wii? Forget it, you probably get as much exercise on that thing as you do playing Ping Pong. We would imagine that as Virtual Reality becomes more Reality than Virtual, more women will get in on the action. Imagine how many women would plug (buh dum pah) into their favorite bodice-ripper novel if they could.

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