No Prenup? Take These Steps

By Karen Hube

Turn up the lights, turn down the music and forget about romance.

It's time to face the business side of marriage.

Cold as that may sound, the Census Bureau recently released data that should make even the most blissfully married couples forget pheromones and focus on finances.

According to the Bureau, the length of first marriages has been getting steadily shorter since it started collecting such data in 1955. Of couples married back then, about 70% made it to their 25-year anniversary. Now, fewer than half of couples who were to celebrate their silver anniversary sometime after 2000 actually ended up doing so. The majority of marriages ended, due to divorce, separation or death.

"Even the most optimistic people have to ask themselves, 'What financial shape would I be in if my marriage ended?'" says Marilyn Capelli, a financial adviser in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

Tango’s Take

We mentioned this news when it dropped (or hit album shelves, whatever), check out that Dish from September 21st. Now that it’s likely (by hook or by crook) that a marriage will not make it 25 years, people have to consider the ‘next phase’ more seriously. It seems like there is an insurance product dying to be introduced here. And it can be something that sounds like a really good idea in abstract but totally screws everyone over in the end (like HMOs). At any rate, the pre and/ or post nup makes so much sense. Even if there wasn’t an even chance of a marriage failing, it’s peace of mind that can let couple focus on real issues, like private schools and separate bedrooms.

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