Sometimes Your Marriage Isn’t Ready For Retirement

By Jan Cullinane and Cathy Fitzgerald

Research has shown some common threads about the effects of retirement and working (or not working) on couples. One study looked at transitions in retirement involving 534 married couples in their 50s, 60s or 70s who were retired or about to retire from several large businesses in upstate New York.

Husbands and wives reported greater marital satisfaction if they retired at the same time. While men with nonworking spouses had greater marital satisfaction than those with working wives, regardless of whether the men themselves worked, those men who didn't work but had a working spouse reported the most marital conflict.

Women experienced the highest marital satisfaction if they entered new jobs after retiring and their husbands were also working, but men who worked after retiring from their primary job experienced more marital discord than those men who didn't work.

Tango’s Take
The best line of this article is “Twice the husband, half the money.” It sounds like the tagline for a discount gigolo service but it's really more about spending more time with your guy but having less money to do fun things. At any rate, as we start living longer (and longer and longer) and retiring around the same age (middle/ late 60’s). It’s going to be more common for people to realize that they really aren’t ready to spend 12 waking hours with each other for the next 40 years. We suggest hobbies. Hobbies and friends. And the interweb. That can help with hobbies aaaaand friends.

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