Video Game Simulates the “Wedding Dash”


Oh God, the best man's speech is tanking, create a diversion!

By Matt Slagle

So-called casual games such as “Wedding Dash” can be very deceptive. Though laughably easy at first, this taskmaster's worst nightmare quickly becomes a dizzying job of wedding-reception management.

The bride and groom are the least of your worries – keeping your guests happy in this new, $19.99 PC title from PlayFirst is akin to juggling armfuls of fine china.

“Wedding Dash” is in many ways a spiritual successor to another PlayFirst game, “Diner Dash.” This new game goes way beyond simply serving diners their meals, with mixed results.

The star of “Wedding Dash” is wedding planner Quinn, but you don't really interact with her much, and she's hardly used in the actual game.

Tango’s Take
Awful. Just awful. Aren’t video games supposed to be fun escapes? We are just flabbergasted that someone devoted the time and resources to create a video game version of J-Lo’s The Wedding Planner. Did they not think to make a game of Maid In Manhattan in which the plucky protagonist had to clean rooms for the first 1/3 of the game until she meets her Prince Charming. We guess that SimCity did come out with a SimFarms, so every idea can’t be golden. We wonder if this game is just to show dudes how tough all of this wedding business can be. “No, no just watch the game, hon. I’ll take of care all this. Can I get you another beer?” This is like making a police game that is mostly just handing out parking tickets and filing paper work. Awful.

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