Divorce Threat Persists Throughout Marriage

From USA Today
By Sharon Jayson

More than 70% of those who married since 1970 celebrated a 10th anniversary.

That statistic — one of many released Wednesday by the U.S. Census — shows that divorce itself has stabilized in recent decades, neither rising nor falling significantly. But experts say the longitudinal information also suggests divorce remains a threat throughout married life.

"People are at risk of divorce throughout their marriages. That risk probably peaks in years 5 through 10," says Andrew Cherlin, a sociology professor at Johns Hopkins University.

But making it to the 10th doesn't mean a couple won't split, Cherlin says. "Lots of divorces are occurring after the first decade of marriage. It's not the case that if you make it through the first 10 years, your marriage is divorce-proof."

Tango’s Take

Why is everything like this? You think that you’re graduating from high school and that college is going to be all gravy. Parties, a little bit of work, and freedom. Not so much. Then you think that your first real job is going to be awesome. You’re going to have your own money and hopefully never smell bong water again. But work is a lot of work. Then you figure seriously dating someone will be great. Forget that singles scene, you want a sure thing and support. But support’s a two-way street. They might watch America’s Next Top Model because you like it. But that means you’ll probably have to watch Sunday’s NASCAR race. And finally you work out your schedules and you think that getting engaged and married would make all these decisions easier. Guess not, brah. And it does not ever get easier. Friggin’ life. Friggin’ relationships. Why is everything work? And by the time that you don’t have to work, you’re too old to enjoy it. Is youth wasted on the young? Are wisdom and wealth wasted on the old? We’re going to go sit in the shower for a little while and rethink everything.

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