Dudes Opt To Have Proposal Professionally Photographed

From The New York Times
By Katyhryn Shattuck

AS he anxiously counted the minutes until he would propose to Emily Cappella on Aug. 24, Guildry Santana ran down his checklist:

Reservation at La Palapa, the Mexican restaurant in the East Village where they had their first date two years earlier.


Engagement ring removed from box and tucked discreetly into pants pocket.


And this: a photographer lurking at the crowded intersection of Eighth Street and Astor Place, with instructions to snap his shutter the instant Mr. Santana dropped to bended knee.

Tango’s Take

We’ve dished before on the tendency (or is a trend, how about a trendency?) for people document and document their nuptials. Check it here. Is this documenting becoming an epidemic and if so, can we call it an epidocumentic? Did we just make up two lame and unnecessary words? This is a pretty good idea. It may seem a little cheesy but it all happens so fast that you may forget some of it or something. Good memories… on film. Plus it’s much easier to send your friends the video than tell them about it. It’s like the old adage of ‘don’t tell me, show me.’ There’s probably software out there that will let you add director’s commentary. This will probably cause our ability to remember long pieces of information to go the way of what’s-his-name that wrote the Iliad.

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