Australian Woman Sues Doctor Over Twin Pregnancy

From Daily News Analysis India

MELBOURNE: An Australian woman who underwent in-vitro fertilization has sued her doctor after she gave birth to twins instead of a single baby, claiming more than $332,000 for the cost of raising the second child till the age of 21.

Testifying before the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory on Tuesday, the teary 40-year-old mother said she told Dr Robert Armellin she wanted only one child in November 2003.

But an embryologist under the doctor's supervision implanted two embryos, resulting in the birth of non-identical twins.

Tango’s Take
Well, then. These women have taken a bit of a beating in the Australian press and a little bit in the gay Aussie community. The back-story is that the only people that can be covered by Australia’s national insurance for IVF (in vitro fertilization) are those that require it medically. Gays must pay out-of-pocket for the service (if they are fertile). There has been somewhat of a push to get the law changed to help out homosexuals who typically have to go the turkey baster or stud route (like in Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It, not that you saw that movie). These women are very unhappy with their doctor and their outcry, some think, is giving the rest of the movement a black eye. We were always under the impression that all fertility treatments gave someone a greater chance having multiple births, but it looks like this doctor literally put two babies inside this lady. We wonder if he did it as a goof. Or if he just goofed.

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