Critic of Sex Ed Book Won't Return Copies To Library

By The Associated Press

LEWISTON - A Lewiston woman who was upset by the content of an acclaimed sex education book published 14 years ago has checked out copies from two libraries and refuses to give them back.

"Since I have been sufficiently horrified of the illustrations and the sexually graphic, amoral abnormal contents, I will not be returning the books," JoAn Karkos wrote the Lewiston and Auburn public libraries last month. Each letter was accompanied by a check for $20.95 to cover the cost of the book, "It's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex & Sexual Health." "This has never happened before," said Rick Speer, director of the Lewiston Public Library. "It is clearly theft."

Tango’s Take We were hoping that the sex ed critic became too engrossed in these ‘filthy’ books. It appears that she is just doing a public service. We’re sure the critics of the Lewiston’s liberal policy sex books probably applaud this woman’s decision to take the law into her own hands. But when does this kind of vigilantism go over the line? We don’t love most Vincent Gallo’s body of work, but we don’t rent the Brown Bunny from BlockBuster and then refuse to return it (though that would probably be a win-win for BlockBuster).

Charlene Bronson here, would probably torch HBO’s home office if she saw the provocative material that they put out. So we’ve learned three things today: 1) It’s up to the individual what they’re comfortable consuming; 2) It’s not TV it’s HBO; and 3) all of our bodies go through change, sometimes there’s hair where there was no hair before and sometimes it’s the need to go to the bathroom all the time. Live and learn.

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