Government Pumps Millions Locally into Marriage Initiative

From The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
By Craig Smith

Ken and Di Loomis didn't really need someone to tell them how a marriage is supposed to work.

After 34 years together, they had pretty much figured it out.

But the former pastor and his wife from Penn Township jumped at the chance to join a marriage enrichment class at their church in Export. It was something they looked forward to for some time.

"I came away with a better understanding of her needs," Ken Loomis said. "Sometimes when you know someone so well, you can lose sight of that."

Tango’s Take
OK. This is a step in the right direction. Strong relationships are very important culturally. Evidence has shown that children that grow up in a home with loving parents are more likely to be successful and that leads to a whole cascade of good events. That being said, the federal government is keenly interested in figuring out how to help people do that. Good times. But why Pittsburgh? Other cities have marriage problems. Why doesn’t Las Vegas get this program? We can’t imagine that a marriage can hold up long in Nevada with the free drink and legal prostitution (not in Las Vegas). Doesn’t New Orleans deserve something? Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl two years ago. They should still be excited about this. We’re excited to hear this news. And they have a clever name for the program, Twogether. It’s about marriage and there are typically two people in a marriage and we want them to stay together. Good times. We can’t wait for the results show. We wouldn’t be surprised if Texas goes for something like this. They’re always trying to figure out ways to keep people together.

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