Study Says Quarter Of A Billion People Will Use Mobile Dating Applications By 2012

From PC World
By Oliver Garnham

Over a quarter of a billion people will be using mobile dating and chatroom services by 2012, according to a new report from Juniper Research.

The U.K. research firm said revenues from the two sectors will pass US$1 billion by 2010, while strong growth from India will contribute to 260 million users globally by 2012.

"Major brands such as and Webdate have recognized that customers are willing to pay a mobility premium for 24/7 access to these services and are increasing deploying mobile applications to complement and enhance their existing offerings," said the report author, Dr Windsor Holden.

Tango’s Take
A little surprising that we’re running an article from PC World. Well, nerds have valid opinions on love too. At any rate, it looks like people are predicting that we’re going to use our phones for more and more things. Not surprising. We are actually a little surprised that the number is so low. These estimates are typically pie-in-the-sky. By 2012, there should be about 7 billion people on the spaceship Earth. This estimate is saying that 3.5% of them will be using a dating or chat service on their mobile in 5 years. We’re a little leery of this accounting. The only way these services take off is if India and China bite. They are both increasingly tech savvy. But also both have a cultural disposition to parental matchmaking (India in particular). We wonder if these mobile dating apps will have to be heavily tailored. We wonder if it will mostly be parents trying to meet each other and make something happen.

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