Ryan Gosling Stars In 'Lars And The Real Girl'

From The New York Post
By Lou Lumenick

October 12, 2007 -- BOY meets life-size silicone mannequin in "Lars and the Real Girl," an offbeat comedy that plays as if Preston Sturges came back to life and collaborated with the Coen Brothers on an updated version of the Jimmy Stewart film "Harvey." The setting is a very flat Midwestern town, where the lonely, over weight and socially mal adroit office worker Lars (a pitch-perfect Ryan Gosling) hears one day that anatomically correct "girls" are available on the Internet.

He sends for one, but doesn't use it for sex. In stead, he introduces "her" as Bianca, his new Swedish-Brazilian girlfriend, to his bewildered brother Gus (Paul Schneider) and Gus' very pregnant wife, Karin (Emily Mortimer).

YourTango’s Take

We love Ryan Gosling, we admit it, so sue us. We loved him in Half Nelson, we loved him in Remember The Titans, we never saw The Notebook and we loved him with Rachel McAdams. We think Lars and the Real Girl will be sweet and hilarious. We’re amped. He mentioned in some interview that he was surprised by the number of dudes that had a doll-friend. We know that it was pretty funny in Old School, “So what do you guys like better? Nurse or cheerleader?” “Hi Frank. That’s a nice doll you have there.” “Thanks, she’s OK.” And we know that the Japanese are crazy about them. See a Dish from July 18th. We feel for Lars, relationships are difficult. Sometimes you just want someone compliant and plasticky that you can just pounce on at your leisure and who will keep the personal insults to a bare minimum.

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