Mothers-to-be 'Can Drink Alcohol'

Mothers-to-be 'Can Drink Alcohol'

From The BBC

Pregnant women can safely drink a small glass of wine a day, official advice is set to say.

After the first three months of pregnancy, women can consume up to 1.5 units per day says draft guidance.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence advice comes a few months after government advised pregnant women to remain teetotal.

The draft advice is based on a review of all the evidence available on the risks of drinking alcohol in pregnancy.
Tango’s Take What? What? What? We’ve already declared a moratorium on Jennifer Aniston news until it’s a little more official and we are thinking of doing so with pregnancy news. You can’t drink alcohol and you shouldn’t eat fish and now you can drink a tiny amount of alcohol and you should eat fish. This is getting exasperating. And now all of the sudden lead is in everything. And not just toys. Everything. Some lines of Dior and Cover Girl lipstick have Pb in them. This is getting out of hand. Soon pregnant women will have to wear shapeless sacks, sit in their homes, gently stretch twice daily, eat free range chicken everyday, lay off the stimulants and depressants, choke down a couple of pounds of pesticide-free spinach and hope that cell-phone radiation isn’t mutating their baby into a mole-person.
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