Man Is Returned Lost Wedding Ring For A Second Time

Man Is Returned Lost Wedding Ring For A Second Time


From The Associated Press DEERFIELD, Mass. (AP) — John Carney was dumping a load of brush at the local waste transfer station last week when he noticed a man's gold wedding band partially buried in the sand.

Intrigued by the "Ed and Linda" and "June 9, 1996" engravings inside the band, Carney decided to do some detective work.

With the help of local librarians, the 57-year-old South Deerfield man went through the Deerfield town report for 1996 and looked up weddings. He found a listing for Ed and Linda LaCoille on June 9 of that year.

Last week, he returned the ring to the LaCoilles' house. Ed LaCoille had lost the ring more than six months ago.

Tango’s Take Do you think when the ring showed up (on the second time) that Linda seriously considered John Carney as a replacement for Ed? Honestly, losing a ring twice in a year is pretty damning. Also, why didn’t they replace the ring in the mean time? Anything we’ve lost for six months, we consider written off. And this guy has the gall to say, "The chance of it being found a third time is outrageous." We think this guy A) has a bet with his buddies about his infallibility as a husband; B) really thinks he’s got luck on his side; or C) has had it with his 11-year marriage and doesn’t know any other way to clue his wife in. Or he’s lost lots of weight since they got married and his ring slips off all of the time. It has to be one of those four.

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