Czech Parents Exchange Babies After Hospital Mix-Up

Czech Parents Exchange Babies After Hospital Mix-Up


From The BBC

Two Czech couples whose babies were mixed up after hospital births 10 months ago have met to prepare for an exchange of their children.

The apparent hospital error came to light after one father thought his daughter did not resemble him.

Tango’s Take Check out our Dish from October 8th on this couple. The quick run down is that these guys were getting harassed by bar patrons about their baby not looking like them… at all. So, as a lark, they went and had blood tests. And sure enough the baby was an alien. Some how the hospital switched babies, which was common occurrence in Victorian Era novels, but really never happened much in real life. What happens, now that they’ve swapped babies, if they like the original tot better? They would look like a couple of grade-A dinguses if they asked for backsies, right? We just hope that the two families become friendly and can laugh about this later, when they own the hospital. This could be the next big eastern European reality show or gambling phenomenon. ‘We ask you, how long will it take this couple to realize… YOU’VE GOT THE WRONG BABY?’

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