Study: Circumcision May Reduces Syphilis Susceptibility

Study: Circumcision May Reduces Syphilis Susceptibility

From The Brisbane Times By Tamara McLean

Circumcision may offer gay men some protection from the sexually transmitted infection syphilis, but researchers are not recommending men get the snip.

As new figures revealed a surge in syphilis rates, a study by Sydney scientists has found that rates of the disease are higher among men who have not had the procedure.

Circumcision did not appear to offer any protection from other sexually transmitted infections like HIV, gonorrhoea, chlamydia or genital warts.

Tango’s Take Is the foreskin the least valuable part of the body of all time? We have run recent Dishes on this. 1) It looks like circumcision can reduce AIDS infection in men TKTKTK. 2) Some researchers are showing that circumcision does not limit sensation significantly TKTKTK. There has been recent evidence that the appendix (that infection-seeking little bugger) actually produces and protects good digestive germs. So, it looks like the foreskin, the tonsils and the adenoids (whatever they are) are in a three-way tie for most useless part. Our hope is that someone will discover that the tonsils helped us breath water or yell louder instead of being an ear infection magnet.

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