Which Stars Are Newly Pregnant?

InTouch Weekly is reporting that Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon may have had a little bit of a push to get married. Namely a baby that they created in Pam’s belly. We suppose that it is not terribly surprising. They had a bit of a quickie set-up and execution. Something about this seems a little off though. It’s a bit much to swallow. And how aren’t any famous women on the pill? Hasn’t anyone seen Knocked Up? Though mildly unlikely, it can happen at any moment. Anderson denies having a baby growing in her womb.

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And it is looking more and more likely that Jennifer Lopez is pregnant. Us Weekly is reporting that her estranged mother has told them that JLO is with child. There is also speculation that twins could be involved. Not in the conception, but as a result. Great gravy. We thought this rumor had as much validity as the one about Hanna Montana star (and Billy Ray’s daughter) Miley Cyrus being with child. It just goes to show you that it’s more likely that an adult will be pregnant than a teenage television actress.

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