Jennifer Lopez Brings Her Family To Work

Jennifer Lopez Brings Her Family To Work

From The New York Times By Kelefa Sanneh

“This is my first concert tour ever,” Jennifer Lopez said, addressing an audience more inclined to hear that confession as good news than as a bad omen. She has released a half dozen albums — the latest, “Brave” (Epic), arrives in shops today — and scored a handful of hits, but she has never before taken her show on the road. Maybe she couldn’t stop tinkering with the set list. Maybe she thought it immodest to flaunt all her abilities at once.

Or maybe she was just searching for the right opening act. And now she has found one: her husband, Marc Anthony. On Sunday night at Madison Square Garden his electrifying salsa set was merely the prelude for her pop extravaganza. And did they end the night by performing together, by drawing close and embracing? Well, if they hadn’t, more than a few of the people clutching $250 tickets would probably have demanded a refund.

Tango’s Take We can’t believe that Jennifer Lopez is touring for the first time. It seems like she was probably missing out on a fortune in concert revenue. That’s where all the money is these days. She has had a busy last few years. She made Enough, Maid In Manhattan, El Cantante and Monster-In-Law. And she hooked up with Marc Anthony. And despite their chemistry-free duet at the Grammy’s they are really starting to grow on us. Sure she always has a smile on her face, but she looks really happy with Anthony. It’s hard to believe that she was one of the biggest stars in the world a few years ago. And the Ben Affleck era is even more difficult to believe. These guys are pretty fortunate that their music is appealing to each other’s fans. Imagine if Pete Wentz and Fall-Out Boy were to open for Ashlee Simpson. It would be weird.

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