Dallas-Area Marriage Boot Camp To Make TV Debut

Dallas-Area Marriage Boot Camp To Make TV Debut

From The Dallas Morning News By Jake Batsell

PLANO – Five couples amble into a meeting room, take their seats and anxiously eye one another as Joe Cocker's scratchy voice belts out an urgent plea:

Naomi del Valle (in back) laughs as her husband, Jorge, smacks her on the legs with a soft pool toy during a Marriage Boot Camp exercise Friday.

Love lift us up where we belong.’

It's time for another Marriage Boot Camp at Plano Centre.

Over the next four days, these couples will try everything from blindfolded dodge ball to group revelations in hopes of improving their marriages. An army of facilitators in dark suits – both men and women – will lead a regimen of intense, sometimes confrontational drills that diverge sharply from traditional marriage therapy.

Tango’s Take ‘I don’t know but it’s been said, one day soon I’ll be wed. One, two, three, four, on my honeymoon I’ll finally score. Break it on down.’ We think that Marriage boot camp is a great idea. It may not go far enough though. They have should have confrontational drills and rope courses and team-building. They should also do that thing where the couple has to take care of an egg. You know the drill. The one that no one in real life has ever done but they use it in every sitcom as a device to bring the teen protagonists together. There should be separate sessions for the women-folk on how to ask to get things done without sounding like they’re nagging. And maybe a class for the guys that teaches them that sometimes the path of least resistance is to cooperate, even if you think it’s ridiculous and the Chargers’ game is just starting the fourth quarter. And finally, both sides should learn arguing technique. This thing about marital spats hurting women’s hearts is everywhere this week. Check out our Dish from, sniff, last week (October 8th) on this phenomenon.

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