Single Parents Overrepresented On Dating Sites

Single Parents Overrepresented On Dating Sites

From The New York Times
By Alex Mindlin

Single parents are highly overrepresented among people who have recently used online dating, according to figures released by Mediamark Research, an audience research firm.
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Mediamark projects that, on any given day, some 397,000 people who are the single parent of a child in their household have used online dating within 30 days. The figure represents 16.1 percent of all recent online daters.
Tango’s Take They have a nice sidebar accompanying this article. The gist is that 7% of single American adults are single parents and 16% of online dating enthusiasts are single parents. There is a bit of a disconnect there. Clearly, single parents are busy people. Between the child-raising and work there is not a whole lot of time to meet someone new. That’s part of why they need the interweb. But they also need some glimmer of reassurance that their chat-mate is not misrepresenting themselves. And finally, it’s a lot easier to not look desperate. Some single parents probably feel a little bit of a stigma going to single parent events at their church or favorite bar. It’s got to be a little bit trippy thinking, ‘hey, will this dude in the suede loafers be a decent dad to my kids? Will his kids, who - let’s face it -probably aided in breaking up his marriage be a major pain in my ass?’ And while you’re contemplating your first move, ‘do you know how much a polar bear weighs? Enough to break the ice… Is this thing on? I’m Donna,’ some frosted-haired PTA treasurer swoops in. Forget that noise. Just stick to the rivers and lakes that you’re used to, man.

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