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About Rajul Punjabi:

Rajul Punjabi is the new Starting Over coach with a game plan that includes club hopping, Dirty Martinis, and a best friend venting program. She's a Jersey girl - over-processed hair and all - who spends much of her time writing for magazines, eating at really foreign restaurants, and feverishly text messaging from her sidekick.

A recent college graduate, Rajul has traded her trifling ex-boyfriend in for a voracious career appetite (no, she's not bitter), which includes interviewing musicians and covering entertainment events. Since her writing gigs haven't provided enough dough to support her dangerous shoe addiction, Rajul has also worked as a chiropractic receptionist and a Victoria's Secret sales associate.

The two most crucial things Rajul has learned about treating a Break Up wound are:

  1. Everything happens for a reason - when you're done crying or cursing, admit that you learned something from your experience.
  2. Friends don't let friends dial drunk.

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