Socialnetworking Sites Sometimes Result In An Email From Your Ex-Boyfriend’s Mom

From The New York Times
By Saul Hansell

One thing I’m actually enjoying about the surging popularity of Facebook—at least among the people I tend to know—is that it serves as a way to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances. I get a slow and steady stream of contact from people I’m glad to hear from.

A two-year-old social network called Quechup seems to have developed a new twist on the market: putting you back in touch with people you never want to speak to again.

For example, it recently enabled Liz Murray to get an e-mail from her ex-boyfriend’s mother.

“I wish I were kidding,” Ms. Murray said in an e-mail to me.

Quechup, in fact, helped me reconnect to Liz, who had approached me about a potential article a month ago. On Monday, I got an e-mail from her inviting me to join “Quechup… the social networking platform sweeping the globe.”

Tango’s Take
A mama tomato with a lisp is walking with her husband tomato and their kid tomato. Kid tomato keeps falling behind. Mama tomato loses her cool and squashes the kid tomato. She then says, “quechup.” Wait, did we mention that she has a lisp? Forget it, we’ll just wait in the car. Click on the link and find out more of the horrors of social networking and stop sending us invitations to link in with you. We have a small private list and if you haven’t signed our yearbook consider yourself in the cold.

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