Thanks, But No Thanks. I'm Asexual.

Thanks, But No Thanks. I'm Asexual.

From The Sydney Morning Herald By Hilary Burden

Apparently A-pride is the latest new sex club. But the difference is that this A stands for asexual. According to a recent New Scientist report in the US, it's seriously cool to be asexual. You can buy the T-shirt, join the messageboards at with 1700 or so registered members, shop online, or wear the slogan-printed G-string. Although only limited research exists, one survey suggests that just 1 per cent of the population are asexual. Apparently these are people who don't experience sexual attraction; never have, never will.

Quite why they're so keen to be out there when there's nothing to be out there about is not only a troubling contradiction but also adds to the suspicion they're just desperate for attention. Asexuality as a sexual orientation reeks of not having your cake and eating it. Saudi Arabians, Japanese and Cubans are signing up to AVEN (Asexual Visibility and Education Network) founded by American David Jay in 2001, who admits to liking girls but only ever hugging them.

Tango’s Take Slow news cycle here in the world of love and relationships. This was a fun one. Evidently, 1% of people don’t want do it with anyone. Sometimes we feel that way, like after eating too much or watching an episode of Tell Me You Love Me or remembering the sex scene from Sideways and feeling really badly for Paul “We’re Not Drinking Merlot” Giamatti. But evidently, there are people out there that are just not interested in the intercourse and not all of them have religious hang-ups. This scene bears watching. The last thing that the human race can afford is a waning interest in sex. American Apparel would go belly up or we could wind up like a scene out of Children of Men and that movie sucked.

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