Forget Astronaut Dreams, Most Kids Just Want a Happy Marriage

Forget Astronaut Dreams, Most Kids Just Want a Happy Marriage

From The Evening Standard

Popular thinking dictates that most children want to be astronauts or rock stars when they grow up. But it seems in reality their aspirations are far more down to earth. A survey of 1,569 adults found the most common childhood dream was to be happily married with a family. It was the top choice for one in three women, and one in five of men. Most men harbored hopes of sporting stardom but the prospect of a happy family was their second greatest wish.

Tango’s Take Has the previous generation’s performance in marriage so jaded children that they hope for it like an unattainable dream? Most kids probably know at some level that they will probably become astronauts. Most kids probably know that playing centerfield for the Yankees might be a stretch. A dream should be something that is a bit of a stretch. Being married and in a happy family shouldn’t be a stretch. Yes, it is hard to have a successful relationship. It takes effort (and communication) hence our whole brand’s existence. And we think it’s great that these kids dream of being successful in love. Fantastic, really. But isn’t this really lowering expectations? Isn’t this a little like Chris Rock talking about people bragging that they’ve never been to jail and they take care of their kids. You’re not supposed to go to jail, you’re supposed to take care of your kids and you’re supposed to have a nice family. Do you want a cookie, you low expectation having mother f*cker? Anyway, hopefully we won’t have a generation of kids that have crummy relationships and are wondering what the hell happened.

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