According To Canadian Census Same-Sex Unions Growing At Five Times The Rate Of Hetero Ones

From The Canadian Press

OTTAWA (CP) — Same-sex unions are growing at five times the rate of opposite-sex ones according to census numbers that also reveal, for the first time, the number of homosexual marriages in Canada.

Some 45,300 couples, both common law and married, reported as same-sex in the 2006 census, up from 34,200. Those numbers represent a 33 per cent surge since 2001, while heterosexual couples grew by just six per cent in the same time period.

The historic Statistics Canada query on same-sex marriage, coming in the wake of Parliament legalizing such unions in 2005, revealed 7,465 homosexual marriages.

That's considerably lower than numbers reported by the now-defunct advocacy group Canadians For Equal Marriage. The group, based on its own research of municipal records, reported last November that 12,438 marriage licences had been granted to same-sex couples since provincial courts began recognizing such unions in 2003.

Tango’s Take
Well, we hate to say it but it looks like Canada is pretty gay. Buh dum pah! Despite the shocking headline, Canada is about on par with the number of reportedly gay couples in Australia and New Zealand (about 0.6%). It’s funny that such a big deal is being made of this “surge” in homosexual Canadian couples. They basically just started being counted. The really strange thing about the census was that married couples (straight and gay) increased by only 3.5 percent. While single parents and common law couples increased by 7.8 percent and 18.9 percent, respectively. Total family growth was 6.3 percent. Check out our Dish from September 10th on the increasing difficulty of Canadian marriage.

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