Woman Finds Daughter’s Sperm Donor Father Through Dating Site

Woman Finds Daughter's Sperm Donor Father Through Dating Sit

From The Sidney Morning Herald By Carol Nader

TEN years after conceiving a child together, they finally met.

Ann Bell was looking for the love of a good man when she began internet dating. What she found instead, she believes, is her child's biological father.

When the Perth woman, originally from Scotland, and her former husband were trying to have a baby, they needed the help of a sperm donor. Their child, Jennifer, was born 10 years ago but the marriage ended when Jennifer was just a few months old.

Ms Bell started dating. Fascinated by the psychology of sperm donation, she asked the men she met if they had made such a gift.

"I was fascinated at what would drive somebody to donate eggs or sperm," she said. Then she met the man on the internet. And she asked him: had he ever been a sperm donor? He said yes.

Tango’s Take We were really hoping that the story would have ended with the woman falling in love with the sperm donor. Not even Hollywood could have dreamed up a scenario like that, unless that traveled back to the 1990s and get Whoopi Goldberg, Ted Danson, Will Smith, and Nia Long to make a sequel to a little hit film called Made In America. It sounds to us that the mother was really, really hoping that she would find the daughter’s father. And is that such a crime? Would it have been a crime for him to be a rugged fireman with a house full of boys that just wanted a daughter? Thanks for nothing, Sidney Morning Herald; you set us up for “happily ever after” and gave us “and some other stuff happened and eventually everyone dies.”

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