Single-Mother Births Soaring

Single-Mother Births Soaring

From The Times Tribune BY Elizabeth Piet

Ms. Lorenzo, 25, of Archbald, has been dating Rich Morgan Jr., 27, for 10 years - since they met in a high school bowling league.

The couple moved in together and soon after, Ms. Lorenzo was pregnant with Matthew, who is now 4 years old. Zachary was born in November.

"We did everything backward," Ms. Lorenzo says. "But it works for us."

At one time, an unwed mother of two like Ms. Lorenzo was an exception to the rule. Not anymore.

Births to unmarried women are skyrocketing locally and nationally, with some of the largest increases coming among 20- to 24-year-olds.

Tango’s Take We think that the problem with this whole train of thought is that “single” is defined as unmarried, legally. It doesn’t take into account committed, unmarried couples, promise rings, soul mates, or anything of that nature. You’re either married in the eyes of the state or you’re not. Sure, typically families headed by married couple are usually stronger. Or maybe it’s just that the legal nature of the thing is the only way to verify both partners are somewhat committed? The “boyf” or “girlf” label is easy to shrug off (the three state rule is a prime example). Engagements unravel without any legal consequences. And sometimes the stars inexplicably fall out of alignment voiding soul mate status. Now that we’ve totally gone off on a tangent, this trend of unmarried families is not terribly surprising. Check out another Dish from today on the downward trend of married Canadians. The Bible-thumping crowd is either going to be really pissed when they get this news or stoked that the Rapture can’t be far off.

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