‘Fruity Vegetables’ And Fish Reduce Asthma And Allergies In Gestating Babies

From Science Daily

Science Daily — Giving children a diet rich in fish and "fruity vegetables" can reduce asthma and allergies, according to a seven-year study of 460 Spanish children.

The findings also reinforce the researchers' earlier findings that a fish-rich diet in pregnancy can help to protect children from asthma and allergies.

"We believe that this is the first study that has assessed the impact of a child's diet on asthma and allergies and also taken into account the food their mother ate during pregnancy" says lead author Dr Leda Chatzi from the Department of Social Medicine at the University of Crete, Greece.

Tango’s Take
With their typically phallic dimensions, we’re pretty convinced that all vegetables are a little fruity. Vegetables, you just got zinged. We like this news and not because we feel one way or the other about vegetables, children, or allergies. We like this story because it gives us positive news about pregnancy. It doesn’t start with a problem and end with quick solutions like: Stop smoking, don’t gain too much weight, or keep away from roller coasters and radiation. It tells us, “Hey, we know you don’t want your kids to get allergies or asthma. Try a little fish and maybe some tomatoes.” Great work. We’re a little dubious of the results because fish and light vegetables are the staple of the Mediterranean diet and the test was performed at the University of Crete. It’s a little like the University of Kansas City telling us that a diet rich in pork ribs lead to smarter children. Even if their methods were sound, it would be tough to believe.

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