In Polygamy Country, Old Divisions Are Fading

In Polygamy Country, Old Divisions Are Fading

You are going to LOVE your sister wives.

From The New York Times By Kirk Johnson

ST. GEORGE, Utah, Sept. 7 — For generations of rural religious polygamists like those Warren S. Jeffs once led, this was the big town and the citadel of sin all in one.

St. George, founded on the southern route to California in wagon train days, was the place to buy groceries or spend an occasional night out. But it was also the local fortress of mainstream Mormonism, which is vehement in its opposition to polygamy.

The polygamists, in turn, looked down on Mormons as apostates who lost their way more than 100 years ago by denouncing polygamy, and thus the teachings of the church’s founder, Joseph Smith, in a political compromise to achieve statehood for Utah.

Tango’s Take
There’s really nothing new or newsworthy about this article, we just periodically like to include articles on polygamy that aren’t from the Salt Lake City Tribune. At any rate, it’s good to hear that the polygamist Mormons are starting to get along with the nominally monogamist Mormons. We didn’t know that the schism was over Utah’s statehood. One sect was willing to give up Joseph Smith’s dream of having many wives and the other camp thought they were sellouts. We’re fairly certain that no one is going to push for any law change any time soon (despite how good Bill Paxton or Pullman is on Big Love),  but it’s nice to see that these guys are willing to get along and that Warren Jeffs, whatever you think of him, may get a fair trial.

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