Survey Shows That Women Believe That A Woman Has a Better Shot at Becoming President Than Any Minority

NEW YORK -- American women believe that a member of their own gender has a better chance at winning the 2008 presidential election than any minority reveals a new poll from Woman's Day magazine ( and AOL News (* According to the findings, a majority of women (76%) believe it is somewhat or very likely that a woman could win election, followed by 72% for a minority (African American, Asian or Latino) candidate, 77% for a Jewish candidate, 66% for a non religious candidate, and 64% for an evangelical candidate. Only a slight percentage of those polled believed a homosexual candidate (24%) or a Muslim candidate (14%) could win election. The poll, which surveyed over 1,500 American women, provides insight into the issues and personality traits that matter most to women when selecting the next President.

Tango’s Take

While they’re probably right. Given the current spate of presidential candidates, there is a better chance of a woman getting elected than a minority. Throw on top of this the success that women candidates have had compared to minority groups worldwide and you get a sound theory. However, what would happen if a similar poll were given to other minority groups? Would a group of homosexuals overrate their chance to win? Would a group of Muslims believe that the rest of the US is conspiring to keep them down? And we’re pretty sure that the evangelical set believes that they’re candidate would stand a better chance that any woman candidate. Hmm. Armchair, pop psychology, love it.

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