Study Shows That Sports Bras Are Not That Helpful

Study Shows That Sports Bras Are Not That Helpful

Be careful!

From The Daily Mail

Bras are failing to help women enjoy exercise and lead a sporting life, a study shows.

Research by Dr Joanna Scurr, of the University of Portsmouth, finds that 45 to 60 per cent of women experience breast pain when exercising, regardless of their size.

A woman with an A cup bra could be prevented from doing sport as much as a woman with a double F cup, the survey shows.

Breasts also bounce more during exercise - up to eight inches rather than the maximum six inches measured in previous studies.

Bras are designed to stop breasts bouncing. But Dr. Scurr's research shows that breasts also move from side to side and in and out. Ordinary bras are not designed to cope.

Tango’s Take Aw crap. We had been pretty sure that this item had been settled. We thought that the sports bra had ended all of the heartache (and breast ache) about flapping boobs. It appears not. On the other hand, we have no idea who invented the sports bra. Everyone knows that men love watching bounce. Strip clubs, the rap video and the cowgirl position prove that time and time again. Is it possible that some diabolically genius man (or organization) has been stifling the development of the perfect athletic brassiere? They probably released the current sports bra just to make sure that there was some jiggling and everyone would consider it a solved issue. Dr. Scurr’s life could be in considerable danger.

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