Tying The Knot Is Sometimes Tricky For ‘First Daughters’

Tying The Knot Is Sometimes Tricky For ‘First Daughters’

From The Indianapolis Star By Jenny Elig

For Tricia Nixon's 1971 wedding, the Vietnam War protesters who were camped outside the White House agreed to take their bullhorns down the street -- just until the ceremony was over.

In 1906, Alice Roosevelt's ceremony in the East Room after a Grand Hallway entrance was literally swoon-worthy -- several guests reportedly passed out from excitement.
When Maria Monroe (the first White House daughter to marry during her father's presidential term) decided to exclude foreign dignitaries from her 1820 guest list, it caused such a backlash that some speculate it informed the creation of the Monroe Doctrine.
If Jenna Bush decides to marry in the White House, it would be the 10th such wedding in executive mansion history.
A White House wedding is the perfect nexus of celebrity-spotting, couture gowns and young love.
Now that the first daughter has announced her engagement to Henry Hager, what might a Bush wedding look like?

Tango’s Take This one is worth a quick read. Given his weak approval rating and the vitriol spewed against President Bush, this will be an interesting event. Whatever you think of their politics, you have to be pretty sure that the Bush’s will throw a crazy party. We’re amped to have all of her friends from the University of Texas on the White House grounds. Someone is going to pants James Baker, we’re sure of it. Hopefully, the older George won’t fall asleep. Hopefully, if the Clintons come Bill will keep the appropriate distance when he dances with the bride. “You know I beat your grandfather in the 1992 election? And the defeated the entire Republican party after they sent Ken Starr after me. I am bullet-proof.”

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