Television: Relationships, Not Sex, At The Core Of HBO Drama And The VMAs

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Television: Relationships, Not Sex, at the Core of HBO Drama And The VMAs

From The Salt Lake City Tribune By Vince Horiuchi

The problem with HBO's provocative new drama "Tell Me You Love Me" is that people will judge it based on a few controversial scenes rather than the sum of its parts.
That's a shame. This absorbing domestic drama is as comfortable with the subject of sex as everyone should be. Unfortunately, it's already making some people nervous.
The docudrama about the relationships of four couples - which premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. - is as heartfelt as any series about the sexual hangups of modern-day romances could be. But because it seeks to be real by portraying sex in all its natural glory, detractors talk only of its explicitness. Let's get that out of the way right now.

Tango’s Take A screener of this program was not made available to us. But the reviewers who have seen it are not ambivalent. That’s usually a good sign, producing a visceral response. We liken this to certain odious sexual practices- you either love it or hate it but it’s impossible to be blasé about. HBO better not screw us on this. They better not suck us in and then cancel the show (Deadwood, John From Cincinnati). We did the VMAs last night though. And we’re pretty sure that we haven’t seen the last of Britney Spears. We’re confident that that kooky little broad has enough in the gas tank for one more run. Everyone who hasn’t appeared on national television, out of sorts, dancing like an idiot and forgotten the words to their own song please step forward? Not so fast, Ashlee Simpson. We’re pretty sure that this downward spiral began with Justin’s “Cry Me a River.” The good news for Britney is that she will be the greatest trophy wife of all time. Some hedge fund manager is going to bump into her while she’s using the wrong bathroom in Atlantic City and fall in love right then and there. A quickie Vegas wedding will follow. And he’ll introduce her to his buddies as “my wife, Britney Spears.” And she’ll do silly things at the country club and everyone will just shrug it off and say “that’s Britney for you.” This is a really good idea for a sit-com. Or at least a parody on SNL. In other VMA news, Kid Rock beat up Tommy Lee. His large, um, part and lack of hygiene did not get him out of a Detroit-style goon-handing. This is right up there with Tommy Hilfiger beating up Axle Rose or John Lovitz pummeling Andy Dick. Justice.

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