Lawyer Who Had Affair With Judge May Be Suspended

Lawyer Who Had Affair With Judge May Be Suspended

By The Associated Press

Castle Rock - A former prosecutor faces up to a three-year suspension of her law license after admitting to having sex at the Douglas County courthouse with a judge before whom she prosecuted at least two cases.

Laurie Hurst, 29, admitted to misconduct and agreed to a three-year suspension, with the understanding she would serve only six months with the rest of the suspension stayed upon successful completion of 2 1/2 years of probation, according to documents submitted Thursday to Colorado Supreme Court Presiding Disciplinary Judge William Lucero.

Lucero will decide whether to accept the recommendation from a panel of lawyers.

Hurst, previously known as Laurie Steinman, was fired on Dec. 22.

Judge Grafton M. Biddle, 57, resigned his position after Hurst was fired.

Tango’s Take You may have remembered us mentioning this back on April 24th's Dish. It’s worth mentioning again though. Basically, this young, wet-behind-the-ears prosecutor fell for a charming judge, 30 years her senior. Unfortunately, he was the arbiter of some of the cases she was involved with. That’s sort of bastardizing justice. We hope that no really bad guys are going to get out of jail because of this. It’s like a scene from Bonfire Of The Vanities except she’s not a juror and he’s not a prosecutor and we’re reasonably sure that Tom Hanks didn’t run anyone over. This would make a pretty good movie. Katie Holmes as an eager beaver member of the DA’s office with Harrison Ford as her mentor/ confidant/ lover/ judge/ jury and executioner. This thing practically writes itself. We wonder if we could have Morgan Freeman as a senior judge passing down judgment with a quivering voice and righteous indignation. Sometimes workplace romances are not a good idea.

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