Radio Personality Howard Stern Disses His Girlfriend

Radio Personality Howard Stern Disses His Girlfriend


There's no doubt Howard Stern is the true star in his and model fiancé' Beth Ostrosky's relationship. Just ask him.

Stern is quoted by Steppin Out's Chaunce Hayden saying "Beth was invited to Fashion Week only because she's dating me. She wouldn't be there if it wasn't for me!" Big Howie, how do you stay so modest? One thing Stern always gives Beth props for is the amazing sex the two have.
Tango’s Take Before we get too far into this, isn’t it a little weird that we have to be start clarifying which Howard Stern we’re talking about? How far has the King Of All Media fallen that we worry about confusing him with Anna Nicole Smith’s lawyer. We half expected this article to be about Larry Birkhead. No, nothing? Not even a giggle? Any way, Howard Stern (the radio guy) is clearly a big fan of Howard Stern (still the radio guy), but saying that your girlfriend is only famous because of you when everyone already knows that is a little weak. Batman never told the Gotham newspaper that Robin was a nobody before Batman showed up.

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