Canadian Marriage is Becoming Less Important to Society, Survey Finds

Sure this is great for us, but what about Canadian society as a whole?

From The Canadian Press

A new poll suggested most Canadians feel marriage has become less important to society, even though they said the institution has grown more important to them personally.

The Canadian Press and Harris-Decima survey also found most people feel marriage is harder work now than in the past.

The survey found 53 per cent of respondents felt marriage was less important to society than in the past.

However, 42 per cent said marriage was more important to them now personally.

Seventy-four per cent polled said marriage is tougher work today than in the past.

Tango’s Take

We’re not sure what to make of this study. We’re pretty sure that marriage is harder now that it was in the past. How far back? We’re not sure. Was there an inflection point where marriage was easy one year and then has gotten progressively harder? Who can tell? And it’s not just marriage that’s getting harder. Work is getting harder. The stockholders expect results, man. And home ownership is getting harder. Have you seen what your neighbors did with their living room? How are you supposed to match that? Even eating is getting harder. They keep on inventing new spices and flavor combinations and we’re supposed to know what tamarind is. And fashion; forget about it. We’re holding out for high-waisted khaki pants with a white polo and gray New Balances to come back in. Just leave it to Canada to ruin your whole day.

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