In New Zealand IVF Couples Pushed to Nurture Sex Life

In New Zealand IVF Couples Pushed to Nurture Sex Life


IVF couples have been warned not to abandon sex just because it is possible to have a baby without it.

A sexual dysfunction specialist will tell a congress of fertility experts tomorrow that by the time many couples seek IVF treatment their once healthy sex life is often "drastically impaired" thanks to a long-term focus on sex to conceive.

Sex has become rigid, structured, and all the fun is gone, so by the time we see them there is sometimes absolutely no sex happening at all, said Dr Hayley Matic, a psychologist at Melbourne IVF.

"We in the industry need to make a big push to remind people: 'Don't forget about sex, it's not just about having a baby you know'."

Tango’s Take Thank God that someone in the medical industry realizes that sex is not just about baby-making. For a while we didn’t think that these guys knew how to dim the lights, put on a little Sisqo, crack open a couple bottles of St. Ides and get down. We all know that in vitro Fertilization should be toward the bottom middle of the list of conception plans. Supposedly, 90% of fertility issues can be rectified by using drugs, surgery or a combination of the two. And it’s much less expensive. The average assisted reproduction technique isn’t cheap. It runs about $12,400. So, for once we agree with the medical industry in New Zealand. Just go do it, Kiwis. If all else fails, we’re pretty sure that Brett and Jermaine from Flight Of The Conchords would be available for stud services. It’s a good life.

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