Lily Allen Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend

From Ireland On-Line

Lily Allen has split from her boyfriend Seb Chew - and she's already worrying about how she will find a new love.

The 'Smile' hitmaker, 22, revealed that she had broken off her two-and-a-half-year relationship with record label executive Chew in July, but fears she will forever remain single because "no-one finds her attractive".

Speaking at the GQ Awards in London, she said: "Seb and I aren't together any more. I split with him a month ago so I'm single now.”

Tango’s Take
We’re not sure what the appeal is to Lily Allen. She’s not as clever as Lady Sovereign, she’s not as crazy as Amy Winehouse and not as talented as Corinne Bailey Rae. So what’s the deal? Anyway, evidently she and her boyf Seb Chew are splitsville. We hope, for his sake, that her hit song ‘Smile’ is a metaphor or some bit of satire (English peopel do seem to love their satire). Otherwise, Seb is going to probably need a hug. Anyway, is it just us or is Lily Allen the English Avril Lavigne?

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