Corrupt Chinese Official Receive Comeuppance Courtesy Of His 11 Mistresses

From Reuters

BEIJING (Reuters) - A corrupt senior Chinese official was denounced by his 11 mistresses after some of their husbands were sentenced to death for graft, state media said on Friday.

The news comes just days after a senior provincial Communist Party official was executed for blowing up his mistress with a car bomb.

"Second wives" are common among government officials and businessmen in China and are often blamed for driving men to seek money through bribes or other abuses of power.


This goes back to one of our favorite theories, Honesty Is The Best Policy. We’ll even go a step further and say Don’t Blow Up Your Mistresses. The long and short of this guy’s story is that he likes strange. So he traded jobs and favors for tail. At any rate, eventually his problems caught up with him and people got hurt. And some of these women’s husbands were actually executed for this guy’s graft. So the mistresses banded together and dropped the dime on the corrupt official. Corruption, explosions, sex, executions, we’re hoping that John Woo read this story and is going to make it into Chow Yun Fat’s next hard-boiled Chinese gangster flick.

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